About Frank’s Custom Shoe Fitting

Our experience working in this industry began in fall 1976 in Eugene, Oregon, at a store called Sugar Pine Ridge.  Don’t let the name of our business (Frank’s Custom Shoe-Fitting) mislead you.  We are a specialty running store.  In the beginning, our concept developed from the lessons I learned running across America.  Over the years our customer includes not only the runner but everyone.  Our services have become more diverse.  Our mission today is simply this:  we are “A local shoe-fitting experience – where the goal is to get you results and leave you pain free.”  Most of our customers whether they run or not, are looking for a shoe-fitting solution to their problem.  We give them the service the have been looking for by focusing on five simple steps or shoe-fitting “cultures”:  choosing the right shoe; choosing the right socks; choosing the right shoe inserts; choosing the correct lacing system; and implementing the necessary modifications to the fit of the shoe.  We take our slogan very seriously:  “Happy Feet Guaranteed.”    Our running experiences and our race management experiences keep us closely connected to, not only the running community, but the community as a whole.  Our store is a great place to solve problems, not only in the world of shoe-fitting.  We also enjoy sharing ideas that benefit our community and taking actions to help those who live where we live.  It is an honor and a privilege to work at a job where our efforts are appreciated.