361 Sensation Shoe Review

Below is the 361 sensation shoe review.

In my last post about the 361 shoe brand, I shared what the 361 shoe brand actually is and why they will be shaking up the U.S markets.361 shoe

This post will be dedicated to breaking down what I really like about this show and how it’s different.

So take a look, and then call me to set up an appointment to try these on. I know you will like them…


2 thoughts on “361 Sensation Shoe Review

  1. im interested in this shoe but would like to know how it runs in width. I have been able to wear brooks glycerin in B width but often have to order athletic shoes in wide. The wide eventually becomes too wide. But I’ve never had a B stretch to point of comfort when they are snug to begin with. Can anyone describe the fit of this shoe in regard to width

    • It will fit similar to the Glycerin because they are both medium width shoes. I do feel the Sensation has a slight different feel because of the shape of the toe box. I always say the best thing you can do is to come in and let us measure you for the proper fit, and try it to see how it feels for you.

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