The Trick To Taking Your Shoes On And Off The Right Way

I get a lot of questions about how to get shoes to last longer.  Honestly one of the ways is to make sure you put them on and take them off the right way.

You’d be surprised how much more life you can get out of your shoes if you do this right.

Most of us just pull the shoes off, or slide them on since we are in a hurry.  But that really wears them down fast, and causes them to lose support.

Once that starts to go, the whole shoe goes with it.

So I put together a quick video below on how to take the shoe on and off the right way.

There’s also a little trick you can do to make sure your foot sits the right way in the shoe.

Take a look…

If you have any questions just let me know.









We’re Finally Open…. Here’s The Pics

After a whirlwind of craziness and getting permits and all the fun stuff in place for the new store….

We Are Finally Open!!!

It’s such a better location, and it feels so much brighter and warmer.  Which I love.

It’s even way easier to find now.  We wont have to give out crazy directions to help you find the store.

Below are pics of the store.

Now, I will say this….

The store is bigger than I’m used to, so I have a lot of extra space. We have a bunch of things to fill in and add shoes since we are still moving things over.  And I have some plans on what to do with the extra space.

But more than that, I’m actually really curious on what you would like to see with the extra space I have?

It’s important that this location is a good fit and comfortable for you.

So I would love to hear your thoughts about what you think would look good, and where you’d like to see it in the store.

Just let me know in the comments.


front of storestreet sign

panoramic of inside

wall of shoes right side slat wall

desk and shirts