Merrell Jungle Moc Review

The Merrell Junge Moc review breaks down why this shoe is different from the other Merrell shoes.

It’s a slip on shoe¬†that is not only comfortable but popular with many people.

In the video below I take you through the features of the shoe and what makes it so popular.


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Merrell Ventilator Shoe Review

Here’s the Merrell Ventilator Shoe Review. ¬†This is another Merrell shoe that we stock here at the store. ¬†It’s great for hiking, or all around comfort.

It’s one of our favorites and people are really liking it.

So here’s a video review to break down the shoe and what people are liking about it.



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Why You’ll Like Merrell And A Review Of The Moab Rover

It seems that a lot of people love Merrell shoes.  Myself included.  Overall they have a great fit and are very comfortable.

It’s actually surprising how many actually tell me how much they “love” Merrell.

But if you’re not sure why, or you are new to Merrell I put together a quick video for you to share with you the reason why people love Merrell.

Not only that but I did a quick review of the Merrell Moab Rover as well.  That way you can see what that shoe is all about.

So take a look at the short video below and see what Merrell is all about…



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