Why You’ll Like Merrell And A Review Of The Moab Rover

It seems that a lot of people love Merrell shoes.  Myself included.  Overall they have a great fit and are very comfortable.

It’s actually surprising how many actually tell me how much they “love” Merrell.

But if you’re not sure why, or you are new to Merrell I put together a quick video for you to share with you the reason why people love Merrell.

Not only that but I did a quick review of the Merrell Moab Rover as well.  That way you can see what that shoe is all about.

So take a look at the short video below and see what Merrell is all about…



As always, feel free to leave a comment.  And if you have Merrell shoes already, just let me know below.



Brooks Transcend Review

Hey there,

Today I want to do a review on the Brooks Transcend. The transcend is a hybrid that is based off of how shoes have been changing over the past few years or so.

It’s a very good well rounded shoe and has some interesting characteristics about it that most other shoes don’t have.

So take a look at this quick review on the Brooks Transcend…

Feel free to leave a comment here too…

Best Crossfit Shoe Experience!!

Hi Frank!!

We came in on black Friday looking for cheer shoes for my daughter.  While we were there, we were talking about crossfit and what would be a good shoe. You showed me the Topo shoes that had just come in.

Topo_Atheltic_LogoI haven’t had a chance to stop back in, but wanted to let you know that after two weeks of wearing them at the gym, I am very happy with them.  The zero drop has certainly improved my form!  Just last night, we were doing back squats and one of the spotters noticed how much more stable my feet and toes were with my new shoes.  Topo RXI actually was using good form for the first time in six months!!

Thanks for all of your help.

Have a very Merry Christmas.  We will probably be back in the Spring before the track season begins.

Bonnie Kane

Perfect Shoes for Zumba

Vibram Five Finger shoes changed the way designers approach creating shoes – Forever!  Since 2007, when I first began recommending minimal shoes to my customers, many of my shoe companies have created their own version of the minimal or natural design shoe.

MinimusBy far, the New Balance Minimus is doing the best job to satisfy my customers participating in Zumba,  Granted, there are other great models out there, but New Balance is the only company offering widths in my store.

Frank’s Custom Shoe-Fitting Products

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