Boston Marathon race director Dave McGillivray and his Run Across America

Dave McGillivray and I first met at the August 1980 shoe show at the Coliseum on Columbus Circle in NYC.  I was there to meet a sponsor for my second Run Across America.  Turns out Dave McGillivray was there representing Pro Specs,  Pro Specs sponsored Dave’s 1978 Run Across America.  Dave and I joined Stan Cottrell, who himself had just finished a Run Across America, for a memorable lunch.  We shared some of the experiences and thoughts from our respective journeys.  That meeting had a lifelong impact.  To this day Dave, Stan and I communicate with one another.  Dave, even now, is my number one “go to” person regarding all facets of running event organization.


Speaking to Rockland Road Runners Club

Rockland Runners Club

I am very excited to return to my roots – Rockland County and speak to premier running club in the county:  the Rockland Road Runners.  I will be speaking about my two Trans America Runs, overcoming common challenges unique to runners, and giving some shoe fitting tips.  I am looking forward to meeting up with some old friends, as well.  Hope to see you there.