Brooks Glycerine 15 Shoe Review

So there’s an update the Brooks Glycerine line.  They now have the Brooks Glycerine 15.  Their previous model was an extremely popular shoe and very well liked.  The new version (15) has some updates to it that continue to build upon a very solid shoe.

Not only that, this shoe does very well here at the store.  So I wanted to put together a quick overview and review of the shoe for you. Which you can see below.

I’m also sharing the video that Brooks put together for the shoe as well which is at the bottom of the page.

So if you’d like to learn a little more about the Brooks Glycerine 15 and see what makes it a great shoe, check this out…


Here’s the video that Brooks put together for the Glycerine 15…


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The 361 Sensation 3 Shoe Review

Well, The 361 brand is moving along well. They are now onto the 3rd version of their popular Sensation 3 model.

There were some changes that were made from version 2. One of the big ones was trimming it down to save some weight.

And they did that without sacrificing support and comfort.

There were also a bunch of other changes that seemed to really help the shoe. Take a look at the video below to see what the Sensation 3 looks like and what some of the other changes are.

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How Custom Shoe Orthotics Are Created

One of the big elements of what I do to help people find solutions to their foot problems is to use custom orthotics.

Every week I get a lot of questions about the process. From what would be right for the person, to how does it all work?

So I created a video that explains the exact process that’s used in the store to create custom orthotics.

Take a look at how it all works below…

If you watch this and are not sure if you need inserts or custom orthotics, or if you know you need orthotics…

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ON Cloudflow Shoe Review

The ON Cloudflow is a very unique running shoe.  In fact, the entire brand of ON shoes is unique.

It’s a shoe company based out of Switzerland and…

Their design, style, and feel are different than many other brands.

And in this video review of the Cloudflow you can see what makes them different.

To learn more about the ON Cloudlfow watch the review below.

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Altra’s Versus Brooks/ Saucony And Hoka

In this video, you’ll see a comparison between the Altra Shoe brand and Saucony, Brooks, and Hoka.

The Altra’s have very distinct differences between the other three brands.  These differences allow me to solve a lot of different foot issues that may have been a challenge before.

So watch the video below to see how the Altra’s are different, and how they are helping to solve foot problems for many people.

Oh, and just in case you didn’t see the Altra Paradigm 3.0 review which will give you a good background to this video…

You can see that review here.

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Altra Paradigm 3.0 Review

Here’s the Altra Paradigm 3.0 review. It’s a quick video that’ll show you who the shoe is for, the benefits of wearing it, and some of the features that make it unique.

Just like every other shoe the Paradigm 3.0 is designed for a specific use. This shoe has a bit of a different shape so it can perform for what it’s meant for.

Take a look at this 30 second video to learn more.

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The Brooks Mach 18 Spike

It’s that time of year.  Cross country is kicking in and every athlete is looking for the advantage.

That means having the right competition spike.

And today I wanted to share a quick video highlighting a great competition spike from Brooks called the…

Mach 18.

Check out the video to see what this shoe is all about.


If you have any questions on the Brooks Mach 18, stop in and let me know.